Consumed by Love

Long ago a tribal King from the Island of Ice lost his Queen by fire. He was left with a beautiful daughter whom he adored. On the last night of the King’s life, he warned his daughter to never cross over to the adjacent Island Consume, where a fire burned brightly. “Promise me you will never go to this place my beautiful Ice Princess. The inhabitants are savages,” said the King.

“I promise,” said the Ice Princess. Every night she would see the beautiful flame dancing in the distance on the Island Consume. Although the Princess remembered the promise she made to her father, seeing this flame made her heart leap like the soft snow flurries that blew across her island. Years passed and she fell deeply in love with this extraordinary flame, which burned brighter when she drew near it.

One night she awoke intrigued by the dancing flame afar, and made her way across the Antarctic sea towards it. She arrived at the island by morning. As she approached, she saw her love, The Lava King who for years longed to see the diamond from the island across the water which shined brightly every night.

They raced toward each other.

He held her and said,”One second in your arms seems like an eternity.” She melted in his embrace. He would become her rock.

They were both consumed by love.
– Lake Jr.

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