Lemon Nude – Lillie Bates

I found my love.

A beautiful woman

In the almond garden

Amongst the golden trees,

Yellow flowers and canary birds.

The garden was entrapped by beauty.

I could not see her body.

The glow of maize surrounds me

Her jasmine eyes

Her lemon skin.

At last, I found her

A whisper of love.

As she rest upon my shoulders

Laying her head upon my chest

She says, romance me.

Letting her butterscotch hair down

As each strand falls

I am blinded by the sun

When I touched her

the sound of music came.

My heart beat like a drum

Everything became hazy.

The sunshine beamed upon us

As we lay on yellow rocks, illuminating the sky.

At the end I found your golden hair string

I have become like you, lemon nude.

– Lillie Bates


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